Case Studies

The following case studies provide information on specific projects and the benefits Truline provided including ease of installation, cost savings, longevity, and more. Since the development of the Truline product, it has helped project managers, engineers, contractors, public works, and architects to provide property owners with a long‐term solution for their seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls, cutoff walls, and more.

Arizona Basin Wall

Major soil degradation following severe flooding in 2007 caused the soil cement protection wall to collapse and needed a new channel lining wall before the next rainy season.

Arizona Marina Seawall

50-year old marina and resort on the riverfront was demolished and a new $14 million resort, Topock 66, was built to include a vinyl seawall, hotel, pool and spa with a marina, restaurants and more.

Bahamas Seawall

350 LF seawall replacement on developed lots with 14 ft. exposure and rock seabed and limited space.

California Retaining Walll

New $32 million, 236 foot tall air traffic control tower and administrative building needed a vinyl retaining wall for erosion control and protect bordering wetland.

Florida Head Wall

For the Seminole Woods Multi-Use Path project, the Truline product was selected for the culvert crossing headwalls primarily due to the specific site restrictions of site conditions, land rights restrictions and proximity to overhead power. 

Florida Seawall in Rock

In the Florida Keys, where it is underlain by a shallow soft lime rock formation, it is very common to encounter the rock layer at depths where it interferes with placing the toe of a conventional concrete seawall to the depth required for a stable wall. 

Florida Seawall Replacement

The existing wood seawall at a Florida Yacht and Country Club community was failing and was going to start affecting nearby foundations if it was not fixed.

Florida Pumping Station Head Wall

Truline was selected by the City of Miami Beach to replace the failing concrete seawall at its newest of approximate 75 pumping stations installed to protect the city from rising sea levels. 

Texas Barrier Wall

New beachfront hotel and pool needed a cutoff wall to surround and protect it from erosion in the event of a significant storm surge. 20 ft. piles needed to be driven to grade in layers of firm/ very firm cohesive clay 10 ft. below the top layer of sand.