Features & Benefits

Waterfront and shoreline protection, soil erosion control, retention wall solutions and more.


Peace of mind for owners, engineers and contractors

The best of 2 proven materials, vinyl and steel-reinforced concrete, are combined into one ultimate retaining wall solution - building The Ultimate Seawall®.  The exterior vinyl form protects the strength of the steel-reinforced concrete wall inside.  Plus, only the Truline system provides double wall protection, encasing the steel and concrete.

Truline concrete seawall Florida Keys


Makes it easier to install in tight spaces and with minimal disruption

Because the Truline system is modular and can be hand-carried to job sites or installed from land or water, it inherently creates a low impact construction footprint with minimal disruption and tear-up.  Small standard equipment and methods can be used to drive the sheet piling causing less destruction in an already developed area.  Many times, docks and boat lifts do not have to be removed to install Truline.  

Truline vinyl seawall construction Florida


Build with recycled materials and for long-term performance

The Truline U-Channel form is made of over 92% post-industrial recycled material.  When properly designed and installed, the Truline wall will last 75+ years - that's environmentally-friendly!  Plus, we are collaborating with a prominent engineering school and a marine construction firm to develop even more sustainable and eco-friendly options for building the ultimate seawall. 

Truline retaining wall for animals


Enhance your property's appearance and add a safe surface 

A smooth, flat surface on your seawall or lake wall will enhance your property's appearance while also keeping the waterway moving and reduce noise.  A flat surface will also be safer for people and animals - that is why it has been installed for an animal hospital, sport fields and playgrounds.  The Truline vinyl sheet piling is available in 3 standard colors to blend with the environment.  

Truline vinyl sheet pile playground wall


Virtually maintenance-free system  

With the Truline wall system, there is really no maintenance required.  Walls can be cleaned at any time with pressure washing.  Weep holes should be checked and kept free of debris so water can flow from the land-side to relieve the pressure on the wall.  When properly designed and installed, the wall will last and perform long-term - keeping the cost of the wall low.  

Truline flat vinyl seawall with concrete fill Marco Island Florida


Design various types of projects with confidence 

Our specifications are based on actual, independent testing to ASTM standards and analyzed by an independent engineering firm so you can design with confidence for reliable performance.  Plus, with the versatile Truline wall system, you can design a proper wall for various applications, strength requirements, soils, loads, and upland structures - without heavy panels, expensive equipment or large crews.

Truline sheet pile construction storm water outfall pipe


Options provide more flexibility with less cost 

As we know, construction almost always never goes "perfectly".  There is always something that needs adjustment because of unforeseen challenges. It happens frequently when installing in the ground, where you can't visually see everything.  The Truline modular system can be installed in various soils and rock. Contractors have the ability to easily adjust on each job site, while still performing to the engineer's design.  

Truline beach wall for coastal erosion

We are here before, during and after your project

We'll help answer any questions along the way 

We sell direct to licensed and insured contractors (marine, concrete, general, government, site and more) who install the Truline wall system.  We work with engineering firms on projects and provide input or cost estimates as needed.  Most professionals familiar with engineering or installing seawalls or retaining walls, understand the system and see the many benefits.  Any questions on your first project or 500th, we are here to help!  

A better way to build and protect reinforced concrete walls for longer service life.