Commercial Projects

Get the Job Done Right and with a Low Lifetime Cost

The Truline wall system is specified and installed for a variety of projects.  It is ideal when you want it all in one system:

  • Proven strength
  • Engineering versatility
  • Installation flexibility
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Long-term performance
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Appealing appearance
  • Safe flat surface area for people and animals
  • Parts made of over 92% post-industrial recycled material

Steel Alternative:  Many commercial projects look to steel sheet pile as the one solution for strength and the ability to install in any soil condition.  However, Truline is considered an alternative to steel sheet pile for some projects.  Read more in our article looking at how the Truline system is more versatile than steel sheet pile and can also be installed in rocky soil conditions.  

Seawall and retaining wall projects for marinas, public works, government, commercial & residential developments, and more

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Truline Vinyl Retaining Wall at The Turtle Hospital

The Turtle Hospital located in Marathon, Florida offers rescue, rehab and release services for turtles. Their facility has a 160,000-gallon salt water pool, two 30,000-gallon tanks, and 23 individual tanks to rehabilitate threatened and endangered sea turtles. The 160,000-gallon salt …

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Public Works Shoreline Stabilization Project

The most recent count of the number of lakes in the world by National Geographic was 117 million! Using the latest technology and satellites, they were able to determine the 117 million lakes make up almost 4% of the Earth’s …

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