Build better dock piles with the same material used to build long‐lasting Truline seawalls.

  • Eliminates the typical wood piling used for many docks and increases the life expectancy of the dock to match the seawall.
  • Dock pilings are the same color and appearance as the Truline seawall parts.
  • Vinyl-clad, steel-reinforced concrete dock piling driven with the same methods and equipment as the seawall or bulkhead.
  • Lighting, bumpers and other accessories can be easily added or integrated into the dock pile.
  • Use to build fish tables, light poles, water supply, power stations, and more.
Truline dock piles
Under construction
Dock pile with Truline seawall system
Truline dock pile. Cap not installed.

Truline Dock Piling Construction - General Installation Steps  (print brochure)

  1.  Attach the Male End Cap to the U-Channel.
  2.  Drive the U-Channel/Male End Cap into the soil per the engineer specifications.
  3.  Evacuate the soil plug from the bottom of the driven Truline form.
  4.  Install the steel-rebar per the engineering specs.
  5.  Install the bolts for the dock framing (bolt will be in the concrete).
  6.  Frame the dock.
  7.  Drill holes for pipes to hold electric, or other accessories.
  8.  Tremie-pour fill the Truline form with concrete.
  9.  Slide the Female End Cap on the exterior to complete the finish.
  10.  Install a top cap. A Truline top cap coming soon.
Dock piles with Truline seawall system parts

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