Installation Equipment

The soil properties, site conditions, and driving depth will determine the type of equipment needed and the number of Truline U-Channels that can be driven at one time. Conventional methods and equipment used for pile driving are appropriate for installing Truline. Vibratory hammers, plate compactors, drop hammers, jackhammers, water jets, air jets or excavator bucket pressure may be used individually or in combination. In difficult driving conditions, a steel mandrel may be required. Some contractors have chosen to fabricate a custom driving head or “T-block” to increase efficiencies in the installation process.

The following equipment for installing a wall are available from Truline.  For more detailed information, call or contact us.


The Truline airlift has been developed to remove the soil from inside the Truline form after it has been driven in the ground.  If it is deemed necessary by the engineer to remove the soil below the mud line, prior to filling the form with concrete, use the Truline airlift to create a soil slurry and evacuate it from the Truline form.

Truline airlift

1. Compressed Air Supply Line – Ready to connect to your air compressor (90 CFM or greater required)

2. Air Line Pipe

3. Vacuum Pipe

4. Water Jet Pipe – 4 ft, connect to your 2” minimum centrifical trash pump

5. Diffuser – Attaches to the jet pipe and serves to redirect the water jet flow into 4 horizontal quadrants and helps to clean across the entire section. This is of particular benefit in soils where the vertical water stream may tend to “rat hole” rather than create a slurry across the entire section.

TRULINE MANDREL  (US Patent Number 10119234)

The Truline mandrel can be used to install the Truline form. The mandrel was developed for installation where combinations of sheet length and difficult driving conditions make driving sheets impossible, or impractical, without the additional strength and support of the mandrel.

The Truline form fits around and is supported by the mandrel. The mandrel is driven, along with the form, using a large hydraulic vibratory hammer (MKT V2 shown in pic). There is an internal jet pipe running to the tip of the mandrel to further facilitate installation in dense soils. Once the mandrel and form are driven to depth, the mandrel is retracted leaving the Truline form in place.

Because the mandrel fills the majority of the Truline form during installation, very little soil can push into the bottom of the form. As a result, there is usually no additional excavation of soil from within the cells required prior to concrete placement.

Mandrels can be made for installation of Truline sheets up to 38 ft. in length.

Truline mandrel for driving vinyl sheet pile
Truline mandrel


Overall Mandrel Length:
Truline part length (max. 38 ft.)   +  3.5 ft (head & toe)

Mandrel Weight:
300 lbs. head & toe   +   45 lbs.  x   Truline part length (Feet between head & toe)

Jet Size:  1-1/2” pipe

Hammer Size:
Varies depending on the combined weight of the Truline part (7.5 lbs/ft) and mandrel, along with soil conditions.

Mandrel for driving Truline sheet pile
mandrel for driving Truline sheet pile

RHINO® HAMMER PD-200S Pneumatic Sheet Pile Driver

The Rhino hammer PD-200S is recommended to drive Truline forms. 

The PD-200 Heavy Duty driver is a good choice for driving Truline panels and can outperform a 90 lb. Jack Hammer. The PD-200S is capable of driving everything the PD200 is capable of driving, but the PD-200S has been fitted with a PD140 slotted master chuck that allows the Truline panel to pass through the chuck to engage the piston. The chuck is replaceable to allow larger PD-200 chucks to be bolted on, making the driver capable of driving wooden piles. Post chucks can be purchased separately.

  • At 170 pounds, with a 4” Alloy Steel piston, the PD-200S drives Truline quickly and easily.
  • Delivering up to approximately 930 blows per minute, the PD-200S can also be used to drive heavy duty posts.
  • Low air consumption and high-quality components, mean low-cost, low-maintenance post driving.
Rhino hammer
Rhino hammer on Truline sheet pile
Rhino hammer driving Truline sheet pile

Quality-Driven Contractors

We have property owners all over the United States looking for contractors to install the Truline system.  If you are a quality-driven, licensed and insured contractor that would like to be a part of our referral network and offer your customers a superior wall system, give us a call or contact us today!