Reviews of the Truline Wall System

“The Truline wall did fantastic through Irma. I wish everything else I have did as well.”
— S. Brenner, Homeowner near Key West, Florida


“All of the shoreline structures on both sides of us are totally gone, but I don’t think our Truline wall moved an inch.”
—  J. Lago, Homeowner in the Florida Keys (after Hurricane Irma)


“I’ve been in the marina industry over 7 years and Truline provides many benefits for a marina that reduce costs and is less invasive to the whole area. Compared to precast concrete, Truline requires less staging and construction space and is quicker to install… We currently have over 1,000 feet of Truline installed so far and it looks great, especially in the turns and curves with its smooth radius, unlike wide, flat concrete panels.  Truline provides improved aesthetic appearance for our marina and peace-of-mind knowing it will protect our shoreline.”
— J. Rogers, Marina General Manager, Florida


“We originally searched all over the US for a seawall system that was the most durable and longest lasting wall system available. We discovered Truline and after a lot of research we quickly found that Truline is the strongest and longest lasting seawall system available on the market. Since, we have installed numerous seawalls, and all have performed very well even under ice / sub-zero temperatures. Our “oldest” Truline wall has been in for about 3 years now and has seen up to 2 feet of ice on the lake. No issues whatsoever.  We are very pleased with the Truline system and will continue to recommend it to our clients.”
— Marine Contractor, Ohio


“Love the (Truline) seawall.”
— Homeowner in Miami Beach, Florida


“The reason we went with your product was based on information supplied relating to the ease of use/ installation. The location we installed was very isolated so getting machinery in to assist was next to impossible… I tried to find a similar product and struggled to find anything similar that was this easy to install."
— GM of Operations for Commercial Business, Island in South Pacific


“I am happy to comment on the Truline seawall I had installed on my ¾ acre lakefront property. The process was quick, easy, minimally invasive, and resulted in a beautiful, massive wall that enhances the property’s looks and value. I was able to recover quite a bit of shoreline that I thought was gone forever in the process, adding to my total confidence and satisfaction with both the (Truline) product and their outstanding contractor Florida Seawall Repair.” 
— M. Mountford, Winter Haven, Florida


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