Ordering & Delivery

Placing an Order

Truline is sold direct to licensed and insured contractors.  For engineers and contractors, we have a Seawall Worksheet form that can be helpful when working on a seawall project.  This form can help determine the order requirements.  Contact us for the worksheet.

Prior to placing an order, contact our sales department to review the project and seawall worksheet, if applicable.  We are happy to review the project to try and ensure all of the parts, lengths and quantities are correct prior to ordering.  In addition, our engineer is available to help answer any questions.    

Shipping and Delivery

Truline is shipped from our manufacturing plant located near Athens, Georgia.


Domestic US Destinations:  

  • Materials are shipped to the job site with U-Channels bundled in quantities of 10. Estimate the weight of a bundle by multiplying the length of the parts x 10 x 7# per foot. Contractors need to have equipment capable of handling the bundled weight on the job site when the truck arrives.
  • Flatbed trailers are typically used for transport. The top bundle is 12 feet above ground level.
  • The freight broker will call to schedule a delivery appointment with the customer a few days in advance.
  • The driver expects to be unloaded within 2 hours of arriving at the job site. Any time over that can be billed in addition to the quote.
  • For an accurate freight quote, we need the actual delivery address, whether it is the job site address or the contractor’s business address.

International or Non-US Domestic Destinations:  

  • Materials are shipped on 40 ft. containers to ports around the world.
  • Customers are responsible for all logistics including shipping, delivery and unloading.
  • Maximum part length to fit on a container — 5.95m (19.5 ft)
  • Maximum of 200 u-channel parts/ container. End caps and radius parts can fit inside the u-channels.

Quality-Driven Contractors

We have property owners all over the United States looking for contractors to install the Truline system. If you are a quality-driven, licensed and insured contractor that would like to be a part of our referral network and offer your customers a superior wall system, give us a call or contact us today!