Installation Accessories

When installing a Truline wall, there are several options and accessories available to work with your standard equipment, including the following items below.  Some of the items are available for purchase directly from Truline and can be shipped with your vinyl sheet piling order.

  • Weep hole options
  • Anchor options
  • Rebar locators
  • Driving tools
  • Capping options


Weep holes are a critical component of a long-lasting seawall, bulkhead wall, lake wall or any wall that is installed and holding back soil.  Weep holes allow the water to drain from behind the wall and releases the pressure on the wall.  With the Truline system, standard weep hole options are used, such as:

  • Jet Filters® (available from Truline)
  • PVC well points
  • Open PVC pipe

Jet Filter® Assembly: This weep hole assembly comes with a Jet Filter attached to a 9.75” long x 2.5” I.D. PVC pipe and stainless-steel screws.  The Jet Filter comes in gray, sand or beige colors to coordinate with the Truline forms.  Available directly from Truline.

Jet Filter assembly for Truline sheet pile form
Jet filter parts for Truline sheet pile form
Jet Filter assembly for Truline sheet pile forms
Jet Filter on flat Truline seawall


Truline walls can be installed with different installation options, including standard anchors, cantilevered or pin piled into rock.  Some of the standard anchor options include but are not limited to those listed below.  Generic drawings are also available showing some of the anchor options.

  • CIP concrete deadmen & steel tie rods
  • Concrete piles & steel tie rods
  • DSMS earth anchors (video)
  • Other various commercially available earth anchors, such as Chance and Manta Ray 
DSMS anchor installation on Truline vinyl seawall
DSMS anchor installation


The Truline system's strength is provided through the steel rebar and concrete inside of the Truline form.  Depending on the engineering design, either 1 rebar, 2 rebars or 4 rebars will be required, unless the installation is pin piled.  Building the rebar form work is standard.  Truline offers two accessories to help locate the rebars inside the Truline forms as shown below.

Poly Reusable 1-Rebar LocatorThis poly reusable rebar locator is used to properly place 1 rebar inside each Truline form.  A threaded wood pole is inserted in the smaller bottom hole to hold the locator in place while placing the rebar.  Available from Truline.

Truline vinyl sheet piling 1 rebar reusable locator
Truline vinyl sheet piling 1 rebar reusable locator inside

Wire Rebar Locator for 2 Bars and 4 Bars:  This stainless-steel wire rebar locator is used to pre-construct either 2 rebar or 4 rebar assemblies.  Available from Truline.

Truline vinyl sheet piling wire rebar locator
Truline vinyl sheet piling rebar locator for 2 rebars
Truline vinyl sheet piling locator for 4 rebars


Truline offers top and bottom driving tools that fit the sheet pile form.  

Driving Top Cap (Poly): This poly top cap sits on top of the Truline u-channel to provide a flat surface to drive the parts.

Truline seawall poly driving cap
Truline seawall poly driving cap

Driving Bottom Shoe (Wood):  This wood bottom shoe attaches to the bottom of the Truline u-channel with screws.  It prevents the soil from pushing into the form during installation, eliminating the need to remove the soil plug from the Truline form after installation.  If a bottom shoe is not used, Truline has an Airlift available to remove the soil plug.

Truline seawall wood bottom driving shoe
Truline seawall wood driving bottom shoe inside


Typically, the cap on a retaining wall is primarily used to tie the wall pieces together.  Depending on the engineering design, there are several capping options to use such as concrete, wood, composite decking material, aluminum, and paver caps, as shown below. 

Truline seawall with concrete cap option
Concrete Cap
Truline sport field wall with aluminium cap
Aluminum Cap
Truline seawall with wood cap option
Wood Cap
Truline retaining wall with segment cap option
Segment Paver Cap

Installation Questions?

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