Residential Seawall Guide

Protect Your Land, Property and Home

The Truline wall system provides homeowners with peace of mind their property will be protected and with virtually no maintenance.  Seawalls and land lost due to erosion are generally not covered by insurance policies. 

Your seawall is a critical part of your property and ultimately home protection.  You don't want to spend more money over time fixing or repairing failed walls.  Or even yet, having your home or upland structures damaged because the seawall failed.  Ask your contractor or engineer for a Truline wall, which provides:

  • Proven strength and performance 
  • Low impact construction with less tear-up and clean-up
  • Ability to install in tight spaces or areas with constraining upland structures
  • May not need to move boat lifts or docks
  • Build walls higher, up to 16 foot exposure without adding walers 
  • Smooth, flat appearance enhances your property
Truline residential seawall

The Ultimate Seawall®

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Beautiful Marco Island, off the Gulf Coast near Naples, Florida is a small island in which about 80% of the properties are waterfront. Much of this area was developed with canals in the 1960’s using concrete seawalls. Today, the property …

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2 Important Factors in the Cost of a Seawall

2 Important Factors in the Cost of a SeawallThis article explains 2 important factors that go into the cost of a seawall or bulkhead.  The first is the importance of a soil report.  The second is the anchor system.  Waterfront…

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