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Premium seawall, bulkhead & retaining wall with vinyl sheet piling system for waterfront protection, erosion control, landscaping and more.

The Truline system is the latest innovation in seawall, bulkhead and retaining wall construction in over 30 years.  It combines the best attributes of traditional steel, concrete and vinyl materials into one ultimate wall system.

Truline is the only system for building an 8" steel-reinforced concrete wall inside a modular and protective vinyl form.  As a result, the strength of the wall (steel and concrete) will last longer because it is protected inside the form building The Ultimate Seawall®.  When properly designed and installed, the wall will last 75+ years based on independent testing and analysis.

No other product or seawall system on the market provides all of these benefits together:

  • strength, longevity & performance
  • smooth, flat & aesthetically-pleasing 
  • sustainable strong walls due to form protection
  • sheet piling forms made with post-industrial recycled material
  • design and strength versatility for engineers
  • installation versatility for contractors

Watch the short video to see highlights of the Truline wall system during a residential seawall construction project.  In addition, read more about the parts, see photos, and compare Truline to other seawall materials.

Truline seawall system reinforced concrete-filled vinyl sheet piling


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Build an 8" Steel-Reinforced Concrete Wall Inside Dual-Interlocking Vinyl Sheet Piling Forms

  • Vinyl form protects the steel and concrete inside for long-term performance, especially for salt water applications - The Ultimate Seawall®
  • Concrete is poured in place inside the vinyl forms
  • Install as a new wall or in front of an older, failing wall
  • Install a wall from land or water
  • Build tall walls up to 16 feet exposed height without wales
  • Truline modular parts are lightweight and can be hand-carried to the job site
  • Installation does not require large equipment 
Truline steel-reinforced concrete-filled vinyl sheet pile system


Modular Vinyl Sheet Piling Forming System

Each project or job site is unique because there are varying soil conditions, load and strength requirements, current or new structures, landscaping, property curves and contours, and more that need to be addressed.

With the Truline modular system, engineers and contractors can confidently design, install and adjust on each job site. Above all, this helps reduce time and costs, while ensuring a long lasting wall is built. The Truline vinyl sheet piling parts are manufactured to custom lengths so they can be driven in the ground to the depth required. 

Truline modular vinyl sheet piling system of parts

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Truline seawall system Miami Beach Florida

Peace of Mind

You'll have confidence knowing your property and investments are properly protected with an engineered and tested premium wall system.

Truline vinyl sheet piling system

Enhance Your Property

The smooth, flat surface enhances your property's appearance and value, while protecting your investment.  Smooth curves can be achieved with Truline modular parts.

Truline seawall system Fort Lauderdale Florida

Lower Lifetime Cost

Build your wall to the correct height and strength for long-term performance with proper depth installation. Steel inside the vinyl form is protected from salt water.  

Truline retaining wall system for FAA project

Installation Versatility

Modular system provides installation flexibility for engineers, architects and contractors to design a wall for each unique project layout and soil conditions. 

Truline retaining wall system Turtle Hospital


Parts are made of over 92% post-industrial recycled vinyl sheet pile material and formulated for exterior weather-ability to handle the harsh sun and saltwater. 

Seawall system by Truline after hurricane

Protection In Harsh Weather

Truline seawalls have performed through extreme weather of direct hit hurricanes, storm surges, tidal flooding and cold weather and ice.  

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Projects & Applications

The Truline system has been used to build different types of walls worldwide.  Projects range from residential seawalls or bulkhead walls to large commercial projects.  In addition, other types of walls include:

  • Seawalls
  • Bulkhead Walls
  • Lake Walls
  • Pond Retention Walls
  • River and Channel Lining
  • Beach Walls for Coastal Erosion
  • Head walls for Storm Water Outfalls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Garage Walls
  • Fencing
  • Sport Fields and Playground Walls
  • Golf Course Walls
  • Cutoff Walls
  • Barrier Walls
  • Basin Walls
  • and more


Compare Seawall Materials & Costs

With so many material options, how do you decide which one is best for your project?  We'll try to help sort through the material options for constructing a new or replacement seawall, bulkhead wall or retaining wall.  Our residential seawall guide covers FAQs, seawall construction, and more.  First, take a look at the seawall materials and costs comparison chart.  Or, compare 4 different seawall materials.

Truline seawall system Marco Island Florida


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