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A Better Way to Build and Protect Reinforced Concrete Walls
for Seawalls, Bulkhead, Flood Control and Retaining Walls

Efficiently cast-in-place reinforced concrete walls with
Truline protection – a patented, UV-resistant, co-extruded vinyl form system

Truline Hybrid SystemU Channel


  • Strength of steel-reinforced concrete
  • Dual-interlocking joints throughout
  • Independent testing and analysis for true and reliable specifications…
  • Vinyl form protects concrete from seawater exposure
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Non-corrosive, chemical resistant, …
  • Install in various soils or hard rock with standard, light-duty equipment
  • Flat profile makes it easy to form a concrete cap…
  • Available in colors
  • Configuration flexibility
  • Interchangeable radius parts for corners and turns…