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Concrete and Vinyl Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall, sometimes called a retention wall, or containment wall, is a structure that retains or holds back the soil behind it. This prevents the soil from eroding away and allows for design with different soil levels on either side. Another common type of retaining wall is a seawall, which holds back soil from eroding into the ocean, or other waterways. In general terms, retaining walls are commonly used to level out or retain sloped landscapes for erosion control but can also be used to retain or collect water for retention ponds.

Introducing the next generation of retaining walls

Steel + concrete + vinyl = long term protection

Innovative hybrid sheet piling system

Over 92% post-industrial recycled material

Low impact construction

Virtually maintenance free

Retaining Wall Materials

Retaining wall structures can be built using a wide variety of materials:

Determining material-type for retaining wall construction depends on many factors.

How tall will the wall need to be?
How much pressure and weight will the wall need to endure?
What do you want the wall to look like?
Be aware that walls above certain height and load requirements will require a structural review and professional assistance to design and install.

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Why choose a Vinyl Piling System to construct a Retaining Wall?

For projects requiring a substantial retaining or retention wall that will need anchoring or tie backs, Truline vinyl sheet piling offers a flexible solution. Engineers and contractors rely on the Truline design and materials for their vinyl retaining wall projects for a variety of reasons.
Why engineers and contractors use Truline:

Ease of installation – Our vinyl retaining walls can be built with low impact construction and minimal tear‐up

Ability to design taller walls – Retaining solutions for all types of wall projects

Ability to use different size steel-rebar – Meet greater strength requirements

Flat, aesthetically-pleasing appearance – Choose from 3 standard colors or custom

Virtually maintenance free – Our UV-resistant retaining walls will not crack, corrode, or rust

The Truline System for the installation of Vinyl Retaining Walls

Truline offers a strong concrete wall within in a vinyl form using low impact construction. The vinyl layer protects the steel and concrete from the elements. The result is a retaining wall determined by testing, when properly designed and installed, to last longer than 7 decades. The interlocking Truline sheets are driven into the ground at the proper depth and with minimal disturbance to your existing landscaping. Helical tiebacks may be used to anchor and stabilize the wall. Next, the correct configuration of steel rebar and concrete determined by your engineer and contractor will be installed and poured into the form. A concrete cap is then formed on top to finish the wall.

Case Study: California Airport Retaining Wall | Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling System
Case Study: Florida Public Works Retaining Wall | Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling System

Vinyl Retaining Wall Projects Using Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling

Color Examples

Three standard colors below or a custom color are available. Colors shown only provide an example and are not exact matches. Monitors and electronic devices will not show color accurately. Actual sample chips are available upon request.

truline colors - light gray, sand and beige | Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling System

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