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What Do Engineers, Contractors and Public Works Value in Truline?

  • Longevity in marine environments — 75+ year design life for harsh saltwater applications
  • Low lifetime cost and virtually maintenance‐free
  • Standard installation procedures and small standard equipment can be used creating less destruction in an already developed property
  • Provides strength needed for projects without heavy panels, expensive equipment or large crews
  • A mandrel is available for difficult soil conditions or for sheets 20 feet or longer
  • Pin pile method provides solution for pinning toe of wall into shallow rock
  • Reliable performance—ASTM, third‐party tested. Specifications derived from actual test data and analyzed by a third‐party engineering firm.
  • Solutions for various types of wall projects – seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls, headwalls, cutoff walls, and more

Color Examples

Three standard colors below or a custom color are available. Colors shown only provide an example and are not exact matches. Monitors and electronic devices will not show color accurately. Actual sample chips are available upon request.

truline colors - light gray, sand and beige | Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling System

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