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Case Study: Florida Seawall

Pumping Station Seawall — Florida

Truline was selected by the City of Miami Beach to replace the failing concrete seawall at its newest of approximate 75 pumping stations installed to protect the city from rising sea levels. The low-lying city, which is already experiencing flooding in its lower elevations during extreme high tides, is among the first in the country to begin implementing a plan to deal with the projected rising sea levels. An integral part of the plan is to replace all the seawalls, both publicly and privately owned, with new walls built to a top elevation that is being raised from 3.5 feet to 5.5 feet NAVD.

Benefits and Cost Savings:
Truline offers several benefits that led to its selection. First, the City’s forward-looking plan aims to build infrastructure that will protect the city through the remainder of this century. They want to build walls that will stand the test of time. The longevity of the Truline wall system, which is unsurpassed in the corrosive marine environment, gives the city a wall that can be expected to last the length of their planning horizon with relatively low maintenance. It can be assumed that other wall systems would need to be replaced at least once during that same timeframe. Second, due to its modular nature, the Truline system can be installed with much smaller equipment than other conventional products. This is a big advantage when working in a completely developed area. The properties that the walls protect generally all have intact buildings in close proximity. The small construction footprint of the Truline system is ideal for these tight quarters. An 8000# mini excavator and 1500# vibratory plate head were used to install Truline. The products low installation cost and even lower life cycle costs make for a winning combination for many years to come as Miami Beach and other coastal cities face the future.

North Miami Beach, FL

City of Miami Beach

Mai Engineering Services, Inc.

Mancini Mai Contractors, Inc.

Length of wall:
60 LF (800 series)

Length of sheet piles:
14 ft.

case study pumping station seawall miami florida | Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling System
case study pumping station seawall miami florida | Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling System
case study pumping station seawall miami florida | Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling System

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