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Case Study: Florida Headwall

Culvert Crossing Headwall — Florida

For the Seminole Woods Multi-Use Path project, the Truline product was selected for the culvert crossing headwalls primarily due to the specific site restrictions of site conditions, land rights restrictions and proximity to overhead power. The final consideration was the appearance.

The sheet piles were installed by first excavating to a depth close to the trench depth using a 225 excavator. The sheets were then pushed to depth using the same equipment. Sixty-inch holes were cut through the Truline wall to receive the pipe. Concrete collar was formed on the exterior of the wall to surround the pipes by a minimum of 2 ft. including below the pipes. The collar was formed to be flush with the finished cap. A 2’ x 2’ cap was formed to incorporate the required rebar and dead men. The rebar in the panels, in the collar and the cap were all tied together. The area was backfilled and a 42” handrail was installed along the length of the cap. The path was laid across and a bench with trash receptacles was installed over the pipes backing up to the handrail.

Location: Palm Coast, FL
Owner/Engineer/Contractor: City of Palm Coast
Length of wall: 50 LF
Length of sheet piles: 14 ft.

Benefits of Truline:
Due to the lightweight modular nature of the Truline system, Palm Coast was able to install this wall directly underneath overhead power lines without the expense and inconvenience of rerouting them. Using a conventional precast concrete panel for this job would have required a crane and therefore a relocation of the utilities. With Truline, the 8 inch thick cast-in-place wall was constructed by a Palm Coast crew using small equipment that could effectively and safely operate in the space below the lines resulting in a significant cost savings for the city.

culvert crossing headwall in florida | Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling System
culvert crossing headwall in florida | Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling System
culvert crossing headwall in florida | Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling System

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