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Top 10 Reasons Why Truline is the Ultimate Retaining Wall Solution

There are many material choices for seawalls and retaining walls, including steel, composite sheet piling, concrete seawalls, corrugated vinyl sheet piling, aluminum and wood. Many factors have to be considered when choosing which material to use such as the project needs, soil conditions, loads, appearance desired, sea levels, local laws, and more. It can be overwhelming for property owners to know how to decipher between them while keeping in mind a budget. Below are the top 10 reasons why Truline is different and why we consider it the ultimate seawall or retaining wall system.


Truline is the only retaining wall system that combines the strength of a steel-reinforced concrete wall with the protection of a vinyl form.


Truline is the only retaining wall system for saltwater applications that offers a lower lifetime cost with a 75+ year design life when properly designed and installed.


Truline is the only seawall, bulkhead & retaining wall system with patented, dual-interlocking joints that will not unzip or come apart.


Truline is the most economical retaining wall system that can be installed in rock or coral soil conditions.


The Truline retaining wall system can be filled with varying steel rebar to achieve the desired wall strength for varying exposed heights.


Truline is the only retaining wall system to have dual-interlocking corner and radius parts to provide continuous integrity throughout turns and curves.


Truline offers engineering versatility to design wall solutions for a variety of projects.


Truline is the only vinyl sheet piling product with no “creep” when filled with reinforced concrete.


Truline has been independently tested by a highly-rated, premier testing lab and independently analyzed by a trusted engineering firm to provide specifications based on actual test results.


All of the above, and it looks good!


Additional Benefits

  • Accelerated laboratory testing shows that Truline protected concrete significantly outperforms unprotected concrete when exposed to seawater
  • Proven, durable co-extruded sheet pile material formulated for exterior weatherability and high impact resistance
  • UV-resistant against fading and discoloration in harsh marine environments
  • Non-corrosive, non-chalking and chemical resistant
  • No adverse appearance due to fracturing, spalling or rusting
  • Virtually maintenance free and eliminates marine borer damage
  • Environmentally-friendly sheet piling made of post-industrial recycled materials
  • Available in three standard colors or a custom color
  • 50-year limited warranty

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