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Is there a better way to build a seawall?

That question led to the development of the Truline product. Creative minds, representing professional engineering, marine construction and vinyl manufacturing, came together and designed the ultimate retaining wall system on the market with innovative Truline vinyl sheet piling.

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They wanted to develop a product that would benefit property owners with a strong, long‐lasting AND good looking wall that could be easily installed, especially in areas with limited access. A lot of time and investment went into developing and ensuring the specifications were true and the product was independently tested to ASTM standards. All the engineering and test data are available to view here on the website.

Today, various types of walls, including seawalls, bulkheads, cutoff walls, retaining walls, sports field walls, fencing and more, have been constructed with the patented and innovative hybrid sheet piling system, Truline. It has been installed in many states and in 10 other countries around the world.

Truline vinyl sheet piling is backed by a 50-year limited warranty and manufactured only by our parent company, Formtech Enterprises, Inc., an industry leader that has been delivering innovative and superior quality plastic extrusions for over 45 years. The production plant for Truline products is located near Athens, Georgia.

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Sales Office

1415 Panther Lane, Suite 234
Naples, Florida  34109 USA

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Manufacturing Plant

126 Ben Burton Circle
Bogart, Georgia  30622 USA

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